The Senior Staff of China Tobacco Group Coming to Smiss for Investigation

In year 2015, there is an important moment in Smiss’s history of development. Manager Hu, a senior staff of China Tobacco Group, headed a group to visit the Company for guidance with reception by Smiss’s main leaders.

Manager Hu headed his group visited production plant, management center of quality, R&D center, etc. and undertaking a detailed understanding and thorough investigation of product and manufacturing. Hu later carried out a meeting for cooperation and negotiation. In this meeting, Manager Hu proposed detail requirements on the appearance, functions and so on of collaborative product, and offered constructive comments for Smiss’s development, as well as spoke highly of Smiss’s stewardship and R&D innovation. All attendees were full of passion during the three-hour meeting.

This cooperation is both a reflection of the strength and industry status of Smiss. It provides clear position and direction in the research and innovation of new tobacco products for Smiss.