Treasure Life, Value Safety, and Smiss Annual Fire Drill

Smiss made fire drill as one of its top priorities in annual working, for the purpose of enhancing staff’s awareness of safety and improving firefighting skills consistent with the rule of “safety first, focus on prevention” and the thought of “You have only one life”.

In the afternoon of Apr. 20, 2017, as fumes permeated and alarm bells rang, Smiss’s management staffs organized staff to escape and gather orderly, as well as conducted a training to the whole staff with fire-fighting knowledge. Training executives took specialized training for staffs in respect of emergency rescue measures and ways of escape at the scene of fire together with related knowledge and tricks to use fire extinguishers. We also summarized a formula of “first shake, second pluck, third aim and forth spray” in using fire extinguishers in a manner of inviting them to exercise on stage and share learning achievements. Smiss’ Manager Zhao made a conclusion with regard to this fire drill with his emphasis that respecting life is the basis of doing everything well, and conveyed the opinion that company attaches importance to develop staffs’ awareness of fire-fighting and cares for life.

The move of Smiss intended to enhance staffs’ awareness of fire-fighting, later, subsequent staff training activities would be conducted in the area of work and live.