Reviewing the Past, Forecasting the Future, in Smiss’s Annual Working Meeting

During Feb. 25, 2017 to Feb. 27, 2017, Smiss held a meeting of annual work summaries in 2016 and annual working plans in 2017 in Enping city’s hot spring resort, which aimed to assist management staffs reviewing past and optimally executing subsequent targets. The meeting specially invited external senior enterprise management, offering his professional reviews and instructions. 

The meeting mainly includes a summary of working achievements in 2016, the statement of working plans in 2017, management staffs’ reporting on activities, enterprise management’s summaries and comments, and Smiss leaders’ objective evaluations and conclusions. 

At the meeting, each department manager conducted annual working data analysis and comparison, sharing gains and imperfections upon which enterprise management gave professional comments and provide improvement suggestions. Manager Chen and Manager Zhao also made objective comments on management staffs’ reporting, with whose comments each one has a distinct and clear direction in working.

The review is a powerful weapon that promotes the continuous improvements of individuals and company. Reviewing the past and forecasting the future, Smiss will produce more solid gains to all company staffs, customers and suppliers in 2017.