Advanced ID design idea

    Professional design group works for you.
    Product design is determined by customers’ ultimate demands.
    The design work combines customers’ demands for products with market dynamics.
    The design work is on the basis of special investigation data by Market Department.

R&D team profile

The professional group consists of 50 research and development employees.
  • Story From Electronic

    Hardware Engineer:

    In my 15 years of employment, it is my second deliberate choice to work in Smiss. To provide customers with electronic cigarette products brings me powerful experiences and feelings. We have developed an ultrafast charging system in which charging efficiency is two times higher than products of the same kind. We also pushed out an advanced closed-loop PID temperature control system, which can control product heat precisely; and we even created a wireless electro-magnetic induction charging system to help customers get rid of cables. Through a series of development on electronic circuit.
  • Story From The Material Engineer:
    From a Bachelor’s Degree to a Masters, I was keen on the study of material. What’s more, I have worked in material prescription and material specification study for 8 years. Smiss offers me an opportunity to study and do research for its high demand for organic cotton material of electronic cigarette. This process allowed me to help finish several projects such as Inspection Standard of Organic Cotton, Test of Water Absorptivity of E-liquid and Taste of E-liquid after Water Absorption. During the years of technological work, I was lucky to get medium academic titles and published several EI periodical study reports.