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There are some children, who should be growing up happily; However, they are limited by their special family condition, so they have to support their family with their young shoulder; They are just like the stubborn grass on the ground, living humbly and doggedly. They have no valuable things but excellent both in studies and behavior; They are desperate to learn and hope knowledge can change their future.

Since the beginning of 2013, we have donated to 48 students with special family condition in two Henan schools. We aid them and help them go to school. When we find that there are more children needing help, we hold a donation activity named “We are the World” inside the company. We hope more people can care for them, dispel the gloom in children’s heart with more extensive care and make these children see their future. Maybe we just provide a bottle of water, a meal and a piece of clothing in our daily life, but for the children, it is hope, warmth and sunlight. From ancient times, top students are born in poor family, because children having experienced hardship know that they must try hard and be thankful. We hope to give love to make the society full of more love and pass on the love.

Dear Smiss families: We are from all over the world and gather in Smiss Electronic Technology because of destiny, struggling for living and dream, enjoying the cultivation and care of company and dedicating our youth and talent. With the purpose of people oriented, Smiss has established Beneficent Funds for many years, during which Beneficent Funds has provided help for some colleagues in difficulty. Although it can’t really solve the problem, it can provide first aid. The Funds provides help when you need care urgently, which are the greatest behavior in the world.

We propose you can donate to the Funds in special day such as being promoted, wining award, birthday or other being worth celebrating so as to add some significance for the memorable days. Please do something for other, and also for yourself creating a brighter future.

We are concerned with environmental protection and cleaner production. We stick to the strategy of sustainable development and abide by related international and domestic environmental protection convention and requirements.

The company has perfect environmental protection facilities system, possess experienced pollutant control technology and efficient energy saving method and assure environmental protection and energy saving and green development.